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The Amazon Wish List is for items needed on a regular basis and is updated frequently to reflect current needs.  Some items are below instead.  


The Other Wish List is for items that are not on Amazon or are much cheaper elsewhere.  These can be sent to the PO Box address at the bottom of the page. 


I have a PO Box purely to protect the location of the patients and permanent residents due to illegal fox hunting and associated  activities in the UK.  

amazon wish list

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The PO Box delivery address is at the bottom of this page.

puppy pads - (aka Cage Liners / Incontinence Sheets)

I go through around 160 per day on average (foxes have large bladders!), it's around 8 per fox patient per day.  These are the cheapest I've found, they happen to be the best I've used of all brands also.

100 is only enough for one 24hr period

Enough for one to two days.

patient food

For all patients, the only food and brand I've found that the patients eat immediately without burying or being picky or doing a dirty protest in their recovery kennel with.

For specific conditions - please double check with me before ordering this in case I have enough of don't have any patients with the conditions at the time.  I always need to have some of this in though for emergencies as these are 'first aid' formulations.

For patients with cancerous cells or animal protein intolerance.

For patients recovering from serious illness, surgery, emaciation or loss of appetite.  Common for mange patients.

For patients with significant hepatic issues (liver problems)

For patients with kidney disease, issues or renal failure.

medication + remedies


One adult fox normally requires 4 syringes for q full course to treat everything including lungworm (7 day course) plus whipworm which needs a follow up course 21 days later.

liver support

For Cubs - select 50mg Capsules

For Adults - select 100mg Capsules

kidney support

rehydration support

For all patients.  These items are always desperately needed and in short supply.

general items

skin issues + fur

Animology - Fox Poo Shampoo.  Removes faeces.  100% vegan.

Animology - Flea & Tick Shampoo

I use this on mange patients who also have fleas or ticks.  100% vegan.

Animology - Deep Clean Shampoo

I use this as a general shampoo for any the above don't apply to.  100% vegan.


Enilconazole for dermatomycosis or dermatophytosis (ringworm)

cub season

Fox Valley Nutrition 35/32, specially formulated to replicate the milk of red foxes unlike generic replacers.

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