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Special Memorial Limited Edition Set of 4 differently sized glass vial bottles of natural shed fox fur from beloved Stormy Fox.  This is from his natural shedding in both Summer and Winter.  


Stormy Fox was a really sweet gentle souled wild fox who was rescued and came in with awful wound, another animal had attempted to kill him.  He had multiple bite and pincture wounds to his wrist causing it to ballon to twice the size, under his arm a large open wound, his body, his private area had ruptured and had rotted from a bite attack, severe infections to all wounds, some neurological central nervous system toxicity leaving him with special needs.  He gad to have his severely damaged tail amputated due to the extent of the tendon, nerve and caudal vertebrae damage and went through a long touch and go recovery but after months he stabilised and recovered leaving behind only some manageable special needs receiving love and care around the clock, going on garden explorations, getting bamboozled by some of the other foxes, regularly doing himself a heck, tripping over sometimes due to the collateral tendon damage in his wrist that healed but sometimes he'd do a cute trip over himself then immediately continue like nothing happened.  Sadly he passed in my arms in July 2023 and I hadn't gotten round to bottling up his moulted fur from the last summer and winter.  I decided to put together these 2 special limited edition (limited only to 2 at the moment).  I have enough to make a handful more if needed, but for now these are a very special set.

Limited Edition Set of 4 - Fox Fur Glass Vial (naturally shed) - Stormy Fox

    • 4 different sized glass bottles vials with cork top, filled with naturally shed fox fur from Storm aka Stormy Fox.
    • This fur is 100% naturally shed while the foxes are undergoing care or in general.  Not all foxes shed, some do more than others.  Stormy shed a lot and his fur was luxuriously soft.
    • Each fox's fur varies in colour and depends where on their body they have shed, anything from blonde, sandy, grey, brown, reddy-brown, white and grey or white and brown and anything in between.  For that reason I cannot guarantee a specific fox or colour, it just depends who is shedding and by how much.  This fur varies in each vial as I have tried to make each vial different so some is from his hip, some from his fluffy legs, the blonde parts are from the blonde streaks that ran around his shoulders, and there is some, more of the grey/brown from his chonky little tummy.
    • Please see images for an indication of the sizes compared to a hand. 
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