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  • Fox 'Pee'... but not.
  • One tiny 2ml amber coloured glass bottle vial with cork top, filled with deionised water.
  • Just for fun, not actual pee. Anyone interested or involved with foxes knows fox pee is a distinctive topic and one of the main talking points, so now you can own it. I thought it would be fun to provide a display piece to go with the naturally shed fox fur vials for anyone's displays. Originally I made the first batch of these in clear bottles with cork top, filled them with apple juice and set them aside, but being fruit Iforgot about the natural fermentation process and after a few days of being stored, gas builds up and the cork lids popped off so I decided to make them from amber (yellow coloured) glass vials and use deionised / demineralised water inside making it essentiallly inert and instead to give the appearance of fox 'pee' a joke.
  • Is it weird? Yeah. Quirky? Yup. Do I care? Nope. Step right up and get your fox 'pee' here, add it to your fox display.
  • These Micro Glass Bottles Vials are approx 20mm tall x 9mm diameter (0.75 inches tall x 6/16ths inch diameter).
  • Again, it is not actual pee, it is demineralised / deionised water.

'Fox Pee' Micro Vial (not actual pee but deionised water) - One Amber Micro Vial