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  • One Glass bottle vial with cork top, filled with naturally shed fox fur.
  • This fur is 100% naturally shed while the foxes are undergoing care or in general during either summer or winter.  Not all foxes shed, some do more than others.
  • Each fox's fur varies in colour and depends where on their body or tail they have shed, anything from blonde, sandy, grey, brown, reddy-brown, white and grey or white and brown and anything in between.  For that reason I cannot guarantee a specific fox or colour, it just depends who is shedding and by how much.
  • Glass bottles vials are 40mm, 50mm, 60mm or 70mm tall (1.5 to 2.7 inches).  If you order more than one, I will try to make sure they have a different appearance fur and size to each other to keep it more interesting. 
  • The hemp string is just a decoration suggestion, the glass vials do not come with the string attached. 

Fox Fur Glass Vial (naturally shed) - One Vial