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Willow only has 3 limbs after she was found with a badly compound fractured and necrotic caudal vertebrae (tail) and a broken elbow with a detached tricep. She's soft natured but quite grumpy, she has never fully got the hang of having a missing arm so despite being perfectly capable, she is cautious in her movements. This doesn’t normally happen, they normally aren’t on affected but since her tricep was detached it made her injury and coping with it different. She retained muscle memory of how she cooed in the wild to post surgery so she’s taken a longer recover than normal but you can see she’s doing amazing from the photo and videos below.

She’s quite cheeky and a bit of a grump.

three-legged fox

Willow's story

You can find posts about willow's original rescue and story on the instagram page, below is Willow as you can see made a full recovery and is in beautiful condition.

WARNING - images of exposed bone (no blood).

Original Indications:

  • Exposed vertebrae bones, compound fracture and half a tail missing, with maggots.

  • Open wound on the shoulder with some surrounding necrotic tissue.

  • Lethargic

  • Dehydrated

  • broken elbow

  • detached tricep

  • underweight, body score around 2

  • mild anaemia


  • Partial tail amputation to healthy bone and tissue leaving a little pompom tail.

  • Attempts were made to save the arm and reattach the elbow and tricep during surgery but it was not viable so the surgeon made the decision to amputated fully.

She has since recovered fully but remains a grump.


Instagram Post Links about Willow:

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