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Sofia the gremlin. I may have accidentally fed her after midnight as you can see from the photo.

She was found dragging both back legs, and turned out to have been attacked by an adult fox (very common at certain times of the year for cubs sadly). She had a puncture wound near her rib which was broken and a slightly crushed vertebrae above that where the bite of the attack crushed i which is how foxes try to incapacitate those they've had a fight with.

She tried to self mutilate quite early on within a couple of dys which is vry common with nerve damage on foxes. the cant feel the limb so they just attempt to get rid of it by chewing it off. Despite me knowing this and her being watched 24/7 and me literally not getting sleep, she decided to wait one day when I went to the bathroom for a couple of minutes to chew a hole in her thigh. The vet checked and strapped the leg on requiest and we gave it 7 days to se if the leg was still viable but upon follow up check 7 days later the leg needed amputation, the damaged was too bad,

Her remaining back leg so far is functional but she dos not appear to be able to feel it at all even though she reacts if it is pulled and pushed and flexes her toes etc. The leg continue to be monitored and she continues to get physio. She was in a wheelchair until the leg amputation and now she falls out of it so modifications are being made. In general shes probably the most active and mischievous patient at the moment, trying to climb with her arms and mouth and trying to find adventure all the time ... oh and she's very bitey and almost impossible to handle even for me, very fiesty..

The fox hospital - Sofia the gremlin fox

Sofia's story

She is lucky to be alive.

Indications on rescue:

  • Crushed vertebrae

  • broken and misaligned rib

  • nerve damage to rear legs only

  • Other vitals and organs below injury fine.

  • More than 100 ticks (stopped counting at 90).

  • Drag abrasions on knees.


  • Physio

  • Antibiotics, flea and worm.

  • Pain relief

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