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Meadow is not quite all there, assessing her during recovery has made me question whether she a mild mental disorder. Her blood results are fine and all round general neurological exam seems ok but she will, with her kennel door wide open, walk into it and then stare at the wall. She is also fixated on my face, slightly obsessed actually. Its like she really wants to investigate it, will sometimes try to get to my face pushing against my hand or standing on her back legs to try to investigate my face if I'm sat down or jump up of I'm stood. She's rather odd.

She is friends with Ember, they often play together.

meadow's story

You can find her original posts on the instagram page (links below). She somehow managed to remove most of her chin which was still hanging off upon capture, some teeth were also missing on her lower jaw and a toe was missing. All of which had mostly healed, so the suspicion is that she either got her paw caught somewhere and tried to chew herself loose damaging her jaw, or got her jaw caught and removed toe trying to get loose. Either way, she did herself two hecks and had now recovered from those injuries post-surgery..

Original Indications:

  • Chin literally hanging off by a small amount of tissue

  • Missing toe on front paw, newly healed before rescue

  • Missing teeth, including canine, on lower jaw

  • Lower jaw ever so slightly slanted but barely noticeable

  • Very slightly underweight.


  • Corrective surgery to remove non-viable tissue.

  • Antibiotics (clavaceptin 50mg)

Instagram posts:

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