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the facilities

current facilities

The Fox Hospital clinic is small and needs to expand urgently.    

The current setup (some of which shown right, and seen on many stories regularly on the instagram page) can only house up to 26 recovering adult foxes and 4 newborn orphaned litters at any one time, or 54 young recovering cubs only or a combination between the two. It is nowhere near big enough for the additional demand of foxes needing help and patients are having to be turned away. 


The clinic currently only has: 

  • Shor-Line and Ken Kage/Burtons Veterinary Stainless Steel medical recovery kennels

  • Plaztek Polypropylene Veterinary Recovery Kennels,

  • Medical Prep and remedy area

  • Food Prep area

  • Microscopy micro lab (for parasitology)

  • Wash Area / Veterinary Tub Table for patient cleaning

  • NMES (Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation and general mobility physio equipment used under direction of veterinary physiotherapist)

  • Dry treadmill for mobility rehab patients

  • Indoor forced physio* / play enclosure

  • Outdoor forced physio* and recovery enclosures

*forced physio means areas setup to provide self physiotherapy outside of assisted physio sessions even though the patient doesn't know it - so this includes the enclosurs setup with inclines/declines, climbing frames, different terrains and floor materials (soft and hard, deep and shallow) multiple levels, tunnels, low arches to force crouch walks, small short gaps to jump, ground obstacles like branches to simulate pole stepping, etc.  Essentially intentional use of muscle groups to strengthen core and targeted muscle groups during recovery - a deliberate thought out functional space.

planned facilities

The Fox Hospital has plans drawn for a new huge state of the art, purpose built facility unlike anything in the country specifically for sick, injured and disabled wild red foxes needing basic, advanced or intensive care.  The plans and facilities are currently confidential during the planning and funding stages.

The Fox Hospital will take in patients recovering and being treated for all types of sickness and injury pre and post surgery, disabled patients, those needing rehab or anyone needing safety until release.  The Fox Hospital will also be able to assist other rescues and sanctuaries with specialist cases or special patients, unusual cases or specific conditions of any kind as well as aid those who are at capacity or in difficult situations since the sanctuary will have many acres of external space with segregation areas, as well as large open areas, and multiple facilities detailed partly and briefly below.


The Fox Hospital will have multiple wards, highly specialised equipment to allow virtually anything to be done onsite by veterinary professionals and specialists as well as multiple huge outdoor natural sanctuaries.

Patient Transfers

The Fox Hospital and Sanctuary will accept patients from any veterinary practice, rescue, sanctuary or rehabber.  All patients/foxes transferred from any other rescue, rehabber or veterinary practice are initially brought in through the quarantine ward with its own separate quarantine entrance and self contained area separate to the main hospital until confirmation of no parasites, zoonotic or contagious conditions by way of running in-house faecal samples, skin samples and either in-house or lab sent blood testing.  This protects the entire hospital, sanctuary, the existing patients or residents from potential infection and allows for proper infection control through the quarantine area.  It will also be able to accept special cases since it will have referral level specialist equipment onsite.

Such a project in setting up a proper sanctuary and veterinary hospital capable of this magnitude for of all conditions costs a significant amount of money and this is where the large fundraising comes in.  Veterinary equipment, fencing and groundwork and the building itself makes up the majority of the funds needed, with specialist equipment also being a significant chunk.  This isn't a small project but it is a vitally needed one. 

More information will be provided once the build is complete.

Image by Hans Veth
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