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CPD for veterinary professionals

We fully support the continuing professional development of our team from complex to basic subjects and practices.  We provide in-house training, lectures and talks not only to our team but to any outside veterinary professionals since we have a large veterinary team of advanced and senior surgeons, nurses and experts in the field of foxes.  Our facilities allow the veterinary team to perform some complex surgical procedures and we have some equipment not usually seen in the veterinary field pushing forward other therapy modalities which apply not only to canid species but to others commonly seen in standard veterinary practices.  We also strive to change the perception of how foxes are dealt with in practice in general. 

This page is currently under construction and will be fully updated once the build has completed.

lectures | talks | training

Our lectures range from orthopaedics to neurology to advanced imaging to new findings to basics.  During the lectures, on occasion, you may get to meet one of our friendly residents, and there is also a tour for those who have time afterwards.

Below you'll find upcoming and past lectures and a button to request booking onto any future events so keep checking in to stay up to date.

Upcoming Events

  • CPD Evening
    CPD Evening
    Sat, 25 May
    25 May 2024, 11:30 – 15:30
    London, London, UK
    Lecture on Neurology and Limb Amputation
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