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the fox hospital

+ natural sanctuary
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The Fox Hospital + natural outdoor sanctuary is the UK's first fox specific dedicated facility and natural sanctuary specifically for sick, injured, physically or mentally disabled wild foxes needing basic or intensive care, physio or long term treatment, wound or condition care with facilities that make it the only of its kind and size in the whole country dedicated exclusively to foxes.  


The Fox Hospital accepts fox patients from members of the public, veterinary practices, other rescuers, rehabbers, wildlife rescue organisations, charities and sanctuaries for any reason with any injury, condition or disability.


The Fox Hospital is registered with the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons). 

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There was an urgent need for a facility of this magnitude in the South of the country. 


With more space and dedicated fox facilities than any other sanctuary in the country, more veterinary kennels than the average individual veterinary practices and the ability for veterinary professionals to work on site should they wish, this will provide the care and attention the foxes deserve which is so lacking in the UK. 

The Fox Hospital - Fox Cub Patient

Click or tap the link or image to see the brilliant facilities but in a nutshell The Fox Hospital has patients recovering and being treated for all types of sickness and injury pre and post surgery, disabled patients, those needing rehab or anyone needing safety until release, has:

  • 80 stainless steel, veterinary recovery kennels

  • 2 exam and surgery rooms

  • 3 hospital wards for general foxes, cubs or contagious patients,

  • 3 natural sanctuaries for general, cub or contagious patients,

  • a decompression areas for pre-release or transiting patients,

  • outdoor rehabilitation and play areas

  • a 4k UHD camera patient monitoring system

  • various basic veterinary equipment

  • a veterinary suitable laundry area for good infection control and;

  • an incineration facility for class one disposal.

I rely solely on kindness and donations, I cannot do it without this help.

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 coming soon 

The Fox Hospital - Biscuit The Fox Patient Sleeping on Fox Teddy

ways to help

I rely solely on donations and kindness, I am not paid at all.

If you find values and compassion in what I do please consider assisting, I need your help.

Rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing basic, intensive aftercare and veterinary treatment to fox patients is expensive.  Even just daily basic consumables like food and puppy pads alone costs more than £3.07 per fox per day, not including veterinary bills, fuel costs and general running costs.  Multiply that by the number of patients and you can see how quickly that has become really expensive.

You are helping me to help them, I cannot afford to do it without this.

 coming soon 


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Message me for the bank details.

Ways to Help
The Fox Hospital - Fox Image by Arjan Stalpers

meet the founder

Hi, I love foxes and avoiding humans. 


I do all of this voluntarily, full time, independently and for free, as such I rely solely on kindness and donations since this isn't the sort of 'work' that is supported by the system that exists in the current society.

I was medically discharged from the Armed Forces following deployment to Afghanistan on Op HERRICK 16 and was injured during Op HERRICK 17 (aka Operation Enduring Freedom in the US) which lead to being discharged 5 years later after all rehab was exhausted and I'd had enough.  I left that life well and truly behind to work with animals and saw many posts on social media about wildlife needing help in the local area but there didn't seem to be anyone willing to help and people would be saying "I wish someone would help", I realised "I am someone".  

I got into wildlife rescue in a busy fox cub season and luckily there was one person nearby who had some wildlife experience and was a vet nurse so I learned initially from that and from there it kind of progressed rapidly because all veterinary practices willing to help could not keep the foxes in so I had to learn the aftercare from veterinary professionals, medical and veterinary studies out of forced necessity which was a blessing in disguise.  Both fortunately and unfortunately the volume of patients meant a very quick learning curve. Fast forward a few years and I now provide advice to other rehabbers and rescues in both the UK and US currently, some who have been operating for many years as well as members of the public from all over the earth.

I recently discovered I have a form of autism called aspergers.  Honestly I'm still not sure what that means but I know it made many aspects of my whole life make sense as soon as I found out suddenly, reasons I am the way I am, do the things I do, remember some things like a computer and think the way I think and most importantly my passion towards animals and nature.  I put 100% of everything I have into caring for these patients and struggle to comprehend why people do things they do to animals in any negative way because humans are animals too.  I don't eat animals or wear them or exploit them because I consider them my friends whether they know it or not and I believe it is our duty as humans to care for nature and animals.

Kindness and compassion is effortless.  

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