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the fox hospital

please donate to help

I am raising funds to build the UK's first fox specific dedicated hospital and natural sanctuary for foxes with temporary or permanent injuries, sickness or disabilities. 

I have been doing this for a number of years but The Fox Hospital + natural outdoor sanctuary is a vitally and urgently needed facility that will be registered with the RCVS (Royal College for Veterinary Surgeons - the same body that vets and vet nurses do their training and veterinary practices register with.  It will be the UK's first fox specific dedicated facility and natural sanctuary specifically for sick, injured, physically or mentally disabled wild foxes needing basic or intensive care, physio or long term treatment, wound or condition care with facilities that make it the only of its kind and size in the whole country dedicated exclusively to foxes enabling it to fully support not only veterinary practices but also all fox rescues and rehabilitators and general wildlife or animal sanctuaries who may take in the odd fox or get enquiries about them but unable to take them in.


Currently all main wildlife charities and organisations who take in and treat foxes are unfortunately confirmed full or dip in and out of being full regularly and unable to take in any further long term foxes for the foreseeable future, meaning many foxes are once again going without the medical treatment they desperately need which sadly happens every year due to the volume of foxes needing help.  Each year it seems to become slightly worse than the last.


There is an urgent need for a facility of this magnitude in which is why plans have been drawn up and now The Fox Hospital is at the fundraising stage.  Plans are complete, all costings and suppliers confirmed, all equipment finalised, the project just needs the funding goal to be hit then it is full steam ahead. 

The Fox Hospital will accept fox patients from members of the public, veterinary practices, other rescuers, rehabbers, wildlife rescue organisations, charities and sanctuaries for any reason with any injury, condition or disability.

With more space and dedicated fox facilities than any other sanctuary in the country, more veterinary kennels than the average individual veterinary practices and the ability for veterinary professionals to work on site should they wish, this will provide the care and attention they deserve. 

The Fox Hospital - Fox Cub Patient

Click or tap the link or image to see what the brilliant facilities will look like from these 3D renders of the plans in place but in a nutshell The Fox Hospital will take in patients recovering and being treated for all types of sickness and injury pre and post surgery, disabled patients, those needing rehab or anyone needing safety until release:

  • Flooded with natural daylight from fully skylit ceilings in all areas;

  • 202 ground floor special veterinary recovery kennels with individual underfloor temperature controlled heating, ventilation/extraction, individual day/night/UV infection control lighting and electrics for veterinary equipment, plus 6 large walk-in kennels

  • 2 veterinary equipped exam and surgery rooms, (one for Clean Ward, one for Quarantine).

  • Veterinary pre-surgery scrub room, post-surgery/shift staff shower room and recoup room.

  • 5 separate hospital wards Main Clean Recovery Ward, Orphaned Newborn Ward, Older Cub Ward with indoor and outdoor monitored integration/socialisation areas, Isolated Quarantine Ward with its own Quarantine Surgery Room and Decontamination Area, and a dedicated Mobility & Physio Ward for disabled and amputees with its own hydrotherapy room, specialist physio equipment room and physio areas for a locum veterinary physio.

  • 3 large natural sanctuaries/outdoor areas for general, cub or quarantine patients, with segregated areas to manage and separate those who don't get along.

  • a separate large decompression areas for pre-release or transiting patients,

  • separate large outdoor monitored rehabilitation and play areas for disabled patients for use by a locum veterinary physio.

  • Radiography room for x-rays.

  • Small lab with lab equipment for running in-house bloods by trained veterinary individuals and an in-house parasitology microscopy area.

  • a 4k UHD camera patient monitoring system and 4k security cameras with various undisclosed security measure inside and out with video wall cctv control room.

  • Access control system for controlling/restricting specific areas and site.

  • Dedicated separate food and locked and controlled medical remedies prep room. 

  • a commercial laundry area;

  • an incineration facility for class one disposal.

  • and more

Like other sanctuaries and rescues, I rely solely on kindness and donations, I cannot do it without this help.

The Fox Hospital - Fox Cub Neck Brace - Rabbit-blanket.JPG
The Fox Hospital - Biscuit The Fox Patient Sleeping on Fox Teddy

ways to help

I rely solely on donations and kindness, I am not paid at all.

If you find values and compassion in what I do please consider assisting, I need your help.

Rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing basic, intensive aftercare and veterinary treatment to fox patients is expensive.  Even just daily basic consumables like food and puppy pads alone costs more than £3.07 per fox per day, not including veterinary bills, fuel costs and general running costs.  Multiply that by the number of patients and you can see how quickly that has become really expensive.

You are helping me to help them, I cannot afford to do it without this.


send stuff

buy stuff


 coming soon 

Message me for the bank details.

Ways to Help
The Fox Hospital - Fox Image by Arjan Stalpers
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Thank you. I will be in touch.

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